Coimbatore-Salem 1to1 3Hrs Non-Stop Bus Timings

This is the Updated Timing Details of Coimbatore-Salem 1 to 1 non-stop service.

Initially, This Service is started by TNSTC-Salem with 3 buses and 9 Services in a day. after some regular patronage and good support, Now Service is increased to 30 services in a day from both ends. TNSTC-Coimbatore and TNSTC-Salem shares 15 Services. in this, Erode region also Operating service in this route

3 hours Running Time between Coimbatore-Salem is a achievable target now. because this stretch is complete 4 lane now. and i sure, these buses are rocking in NH-47.

Here is the Timings of 1to1 3Hrs Buses Departured from Coimbatore and Salem…,
Coimbatore-Salem 1 to 1 Timingss
(Click Here to Enlarge the Image)


8 comments on “Coimbatore-Salem 1to1 3Hrs Non-Stop Bus Timings

  1. tq for share the message. i have one dout. what the meaning of red and yellow colour timing. please expalin me reply to mail id.

  2. Cbe region operates with Upm,sungam1,Pollachi,mtp1 branch buses in cbe- Salem route.recently I saw kmpt depot bus around 3.45 pm for Salem,any new service given to kmpt.and hosur service available or not – pls share

    • KMPT depot in Coimbatore-Salem is surprise. Did you noticed the registration Number?. I guess, it is special service.

      Coimbatore-Hosur from Coimbatore region is yet to resumed. Now, court seized buses released frequently. so we can expect the Hosur Service in reality very soon

  3. Dear Sri Ramesh,
    The meaning of Yellow & Red colours could have explained at foot note.
    Still we do not guess the details.

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