Salem-Bangalore 3.33 E-City Express Timings

TNSTC-Salem Operating 3.33 Electonic City-Fly Over Service in Salem-Bangalore Route. 3.33Hours is the Total Running Time in this Service. Both Salem and Dharmapuri Regions are Operating Buses to this Route. One of the Profitable Route Dominated by TNSTC-Salem.

Bus fare in Salem-Bengaluru 3.33 E-City Express : 180

Buses Operated From Following Timings from Both ends..,

Salem to Bangalore 3.33 E-City Express Bus Timings

3.33 Express Timings


34 comments on “Salem-Bangalore 3.33 E-City Express Timings

    • No. it is Bypass Shanthi Nagar. It will stop Near Lalbagh Main gate. Which is 5Kms From Shanthinagar

  1. Bangalore to Salem , I went @ 3 PM but I don’t see it in that list. Could you please confirm the timing ?

    • Bangalore to Salem 3PM is not updated in the timing chart. Salem to Bangalore only available in 3PM Slot.

      These timing details are gathered from Respec Bus Stands. Anyway, Will confirm it again.

  2. Till which bus stand does this bus go in bangalore? Satellite bus stand on mysore road? or just stops in electronic city?

  3. From where these buses start at Bangalore. Santhi nagar or Majestic? Where is satellite bus stop located?

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