Another Central Workshop SETC Learner in Trichy-“A Surprising Click”

Registration Number: TN01 N6841

Bus Type: Learner(SETC)

Branch: Central Workshop-Trichy

It was another “Surprising Click” for SETC Learner! It is a “Learner” in Central Workshop, Trichy.

It was another surprising click! Because, Most of the buses in TN01 N6XXX Series are scrapped,

Our Blog Senior Author Sahadevan Vijayakumar Sir says ! Only few buses are running!

Example, In TN01 N6XXX series, TN01 N6924, TN01 N6925

and this are running a Learner! TN01 N6884 is running a moffusil route in Thiruthooraipoondi Branch!

So, it is very special and another surprising click!

Front View

learner front

Rear View

learner bk

By sswaminathan94 Posted in SETC

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