Coimbatore-Udumalai via Senjerimalai

Connecting Odd Villages in Enroute

Coimbatore-Udumalai route Via Kinathukadavu, Pollachi is the Important one having frequency of Buses in Every 3 Minutes. TNSTC Run another Route in Coimbatore-Udumalai Route Connecting Villages surrounded in Coimbatore and Tirupur Districts to Benefit the Village Peoples.

Tirupur Region and Coimbatore regions shares one each services in this route. Enroute Places in this route Chettipalayam, Panappatti, Senjerimalai are Odd Village areas in Tirupur and CBE Districts. This Bus Service helpful to the Public Peoples in this areas to go their Near by Towns Coimabtore and Udumalai Easily with help of this Service.

Route : Coimbatore-Udumalai
Via : Podanur, Chettipalayam, Panappatti, Dasanaickenpalayam, Senjerimalai, Sinthiluppu, Pethappampatti, Pukkulam
Type : Mofussil Ordinary
Distance : 74 Kms

Bus Timing from Coimbatore (Ukkadam Bus Stand) to Panappatti, Senjerimalai-Udumalai : 06.00AM, 08.15AM, 02.30PM, 04.30PM

Buses Running in this Route

TN 38 N 1133 Old Age Bus from Tirupur region Udumalpet depot in Coimbatore-Panappatti-Udumalpet Route
TN 38 N 1133 Coimbatore-Panapatti-Udumalai

TN 38 N 1890 Coimbatore region Pollachi-3 Branch in Coimbatore-Panapatti-Udumalai Route
TN 38 N 1890 25-8


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