Yelagiri Based Mofussil Service from Vellore Region

Yelagiri is a hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, India, situated off the Vaniyambadi-Tirupattur road.[1] Located at an altitude of 1,410.6 metres above Mean Sea Level and spread across 30 km2, the Yelagiri village (also spelled Elagiri at times) is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys .

Buses are also available from Jolarpet, Tirupattur, Salem and Hosur. There are 14 Hairpin Bends on road to Yelagiri.

Tourist Places in Yelagiri
Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park : The most popular landmark of Yelagiri Hills is the lake and an adjoining park. It is an artificial lake (depth 25 feet).

Jalagamparai Waterfalls: A short distance away, on the other side of the hill, is Jalagamparai falls,Situated at a distance of 14 km from Tirupattur. The murmuring Attaru river flows through the Yelagiri Hills, and plummets down to form a highly captivating waterfall. It’s an hour, 5 km, walk from Yelagiri downhill. Though there is a direct route from Yelagiri to the falls, it is often closed. One has to go all the way down the hill, take the plains, and then climb the hill on the other side. It’s an hour’s journey.

Swami Malai Hills: Swami malai hills are the hills in the shape of cake with a strong base at the bottom and a high peak. Trekking is an attraction at Swami Malai (3 km to and 3 km fro). This trek leads one to a small peak from where the entire valley is visible.

Telescope observatory: A telescope observatory near Yelagiri hill is also of attraction to visitors

TN 23 N 1945 of Tirupattur Depot in #254 Tirupattur-Nilavur via:Yelagiri Malai
TN 23 N 1945

TN 23 N 2010 of Tirupattur Depot in #307 Tirupattur-Yelagiri Via:Jolarpet,Ponnerikarai
TN 23 N 2010


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