Old Bus with Newly Opened Depot

Old Warrior in Newly Opened OPR-3 Depot

TN Chief Minister Inaugurated Newly Build Ondipudur-3 depot for Coimbatore Region as on 18-06-2015 through Video Conference. Few Town Services from Ondipudur-1 Depot which is originating Ukkadam Bus Stand are Moved to Ondipudur-3 Depot. We are in search to get the Branch Marking for this Particular depot. Atlast, Today as a surprise i spot this Old Warrior had OPR-3 Marking .

I Initially thought, Ukkadam-Sultanpet #S27 will be moved to Sulur Depot once if its Opened. But to be Surprise, it is transferred to Ondipudur-3.

TN 38 N 1044 Coimbatore region Ondipudhur-3 Depot in Ukkadam-Sulthanpet Route #S27 Via Ramanathapuram, Singanallur, Ondipudur, Pappampatti, Chithanaicken Palayam
TN 38 N 1044 Ondipudur-3 depot Ukkadam-Sultanpet S27

Close View of OPR-3 Branch Marking Under Coimbatore Region


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