Karaikudi Region Devakottai Depot

Road Transport in Karaikudi was developed as soon as the branch of the transport corporation of tamilnadu was started in Karaikudi. before it was known as Maruthupandiyar Transport Corporation. Now it is TNSTC-Karaikudi which is the Region of Kumbakonam Transport Corporation.

Devakottai Depot is the Main Central Workshop for Karaikudi Region. Auction Center, Recondition Unit, FC Unit, Scrap Yard are Situated inside the Same Depot Campus. Body Building Unit only Separated in Karaikudi Depot. Rest of the Maintenance works are under taken by Devakottai Depot.

Location : Devakottai-Karaikudi Road

Fleet : 66

Prime Route : Devakottai-Trichy

Long Distance : Devakottai-Chennai

Devakottai Depot runs City buses in Devakottai, Karaikudi and Thiruvadanai Areas

Karaikudi Region Devakottai Depot


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