Sengottai-Chennai SETC Then Podhigai

SETC Highway Rider From Sengottai Depot

Then Podhigai is a Brand Name in SETC service between Sengottai-Chennai H184 UD. 12 Hrs Promised Running time in this route. This service was always gets Decent Patronage and Well Maintained from South Beautiful Sencottai Depot

Registration : TN 01 AN 0141
Fleet Code : SHN B 926
Branch : Sengottai
Route : Sencottai-Chennai H184
Via : Thenkasi, Puliankudi, Rajapalayam, Madurai, Trichy, Villupuram
Type : High Way Rider, Ultra Deluxe
Tag : Then Podhigai

TN 01 AN 0141 (SHN B 926) Shencottah-Chennai H184 UD


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