TNSTC’s 375 Panchapalli-Chennai

An Express Service by Dharmapuri Region

Panchapalli is a small hamlet in Dharmapuri district of Tamil Nadu, boasting of a natural reservoir, the Panchapalli Lake and a dam that benefits the farmers of Panchapalli, Periyanur, Podikuttapalli, Samanur, Athimutlu, Jerthalav and Erranaalli villages. It is a picturesque reservoir nestled in the thickly vegetated hills of Denkanikottai region.

TNSTC Dharmapuri Region nearby depot is Palcode and Dhenkanikottai Depot’s served in this areas. One of Panchapalli Originating service to Chennai connecting Palcode, Vellore in enroute..

Registration : TN 29 N 2448
Region : Dharmapuri
Branch : Palacode
Route : Panchapalli-Chennai
Via : Palacode, Krishnagiri, Vellore
Type : 375 Express

TN 29 N 2448 Palacode Depot Panchapalli-Chennai 375


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