Perambalur City Buses Episode-1

The following buses are Perambalur City Buses.

All buses are Trichy region, Perambalur

Depot buses! The following pictures are taken in Perambalur New Bustand!

TN21 N1158

#9A Perambalur-Edhumalai Via: Chettikulam

Front View:

21 1158


Rear View:


21 1158 bkl



TN23 N1936

#3 Perambalur-Ponnagaram Via: Kezhapuliyur, sengunam

Front View:

23 1936


Rear View:

23 1936 bk



TN45 N2019

#10A towards labbai kudikadu

Front View:

45 2019

TN45 N2022

#11A towards v.kalathur

Front View:

45 2022


TN45 N2076

#15 Perambalur-Neikuppai

Front view:


45 2076


Rear view:

45 2076 bk


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