Valparai-Akkamalai Via Balaji Kovil

TNSTC Service in a Deep Ghat Roads

Akkamalai estate is a beautiful estate and in wish this estate is look like full of grass and the rainy seasons and this time the leeches will be more in this area and in which very dangerous to go in rainy season because if there is any animals inside the grass we can’t see because the grass will be above our height.

Akkamali grass hills is the end side of the pkt estates produce limited.the biggest factory of this estate is located in this place.from valparai its about 45 minutes and it is about 30m kilometers . While the coming tourist can come to this place by first going to balaji temple .

Balaji Temple
Balaji Temple is located at 10kms from valpari, it is owned by peria Karamalai tea industries which is beautiful temple where the people can spend some time with peaceful mind.

In this temple poojas was performed regularly like Tirupathi Balaji temple. A children’s park is made for the peaceful family trip to temple. Vhicles are not allowed to the entrance of balaji temple, nearly 0.5kms distance should be taken a present walk in to a narrow hill
Using Mobile Phones, video mobile phone, Cameras, Video Cameras are strictly prohibited in temple

TNSTC Serving a hill service in Valparai-Akkamalai Route Via Balaji Temple, Pachamalai, Karumalai which is goes in deep ghats and worst condition roads. salute the drivers who drive the bus in this route!

Valparai-Akkamalai TNSTC Bus Service

TN 38 N 1622 Valparai Depot coming from Akkamalai towards Valparai via Karumalai, Pachamalai, Balaji Kovil
TN 38 N 1622 Valparai-Akkamalai

TN 38 N 1620 also doing Valparai-Akkamalai Schedule
TN 38 N 1620 Valparai-Akkamalai Rear

TN 38 N 1620 Valparai-Akkamalai Rear A

TN 38 N 1620 Valparai-Akkamalai Rear B

TN 38 N 1620 Valparai-Akkamalai Rear C


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