TNSTC’s 157 Ponnamaravathi-Erode

Unique Service by Pudukkottai Region

TNSTC-Pudukkottai Region operating a service between Ponnamaravathy-Erode route via Namakkal. taking Kodumudi, Karur route from Erode is shorter than the Namakkal Route. Regular commuters also preferred Kodumudi, Karur Route to reach Kulithalai.

This service will be helpful to the peoples in Thiruchengodu, Namakkal, Musiri and Kulithalai areas to Reach Manapparai, Ponnamaravathy easily.

Erode to Ponnamaravathy/Manapparai Bus Timings : 12.57PM

TN 55 N 0667 Ponnamaravathy Depot in Erode-Ponnamaravathy Route #157 Via Tiruchengodu, Namakkal, Thottiyam, Musiri, Kulithalai, Thogaimalai, Manapparai
TN 55 N 0667 Ponnamaravathy-Erode 157


3 comments on “TNSTC’s 157 Ponnamaravathi-Erode

  1. ஒரத்தநாடு பனிமனை பேருந்துகளை உங்களது மெயில் க்கு அனுப்பி 4 நாள் ஆகின்றது .ஏன் அதை பதிவு செய்யவில்லை

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