Gandhipuram-Annur Vestibule Bus

TNSTC-Coimbatore Vestibule Bus Service

In 2007-08, TNSTC-Coimbatore region received 5 Vestibule Buses and running in following routes,

1. Gandhipuram-Karamadai (102A)
2. Gandhipuram-Somanur (20A)
3. Gandhipuram-Annur (45C)
4. Ukkadam-Somanur (90A)
5. Ukkadam-Sulur Aero (19B)

Later due to some problems in operations, Gandhipuram-Karamadai Service changed to Gandhipuram-Somanur (20A) route. and Ukkadam-Sulur Aero (19B) Changed to Ukkadam-Somanur (90A) Route. From Beginning itself Gandhipuram-Annur Vestibule bus successfully running till date.

vestibule buses now completed 8 years, and it’s the right time for the replacement. but, don’t know again TNSTC going to buy Vestibule buses to replace this old buses

TN 38 N 1846 Annur depot Vestibule bus in Gandhipuram-Annur Route #45C Via Ganapathy, Saravanampatti, Kurumpapalayam, Kovilpalayam, Ganeshapuram
TN 38 N 1846 Annur Depot Gandhipuram-Annur 45C


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