Uppilipalayam-Mathipalayam Elusive Service

Elusive town bus service outside of Coimbatore city

Uppilipalayam-Mathipalayam S4 Town bus service operated by Coimbatore region is one of the profitable city bus service in city. it covers outer part of Coimbatore city, and never enter any of the bus stands in Coimbatore. It connects Trichy road and Siruvani Road through villages.

Mathipalayam, Sennaur, Thenkarai are village areas, and S4 Service is the only way to reach City and other working Peoples, College students. We have good frequency of this service. Bus service to Sowripalayam, Uppilipalayam also very minimum. so this service helpful to the Publics to reach Townhall and other outer parts of Coimbatore city easily

Registration : TN 38 N 2737
Region : Coimbatore
Branch : Sungam-1
Route : Uppilipalayam-Mathipalayam
Route No : S4
Via : Sowripalayam, Sungam, GH, Townhall, Selvapuram, Perur, Kalampalayam, Kovai Kondattam, Madampatti, Sennanur, Thenkasi
Type : City Bus

TN 38 N 2737 Sungam-1 depot Uppilipalayam-Mathipalayam S4


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