TN 38 N 2380 – Old BPR Came Back to OPR

Transferred bus back to it’s home

TN 38 N 2380 Introduced in 2010 for Coimbatore-Sivakasi Route as BPR (Bypass Rider) from Ondipudur-2 Depot. After getting Replacement in 2012, this one transferred to Ooty-1 Depot for spare usage. It is doing weekend specials for Coimbatore regularly.

Recently, After opening of Ondipudur-3 Depot, TN 38 N 2380 allotted to OPR-3 as a spare Bus. It back to home after 3 Years but a different depot in a same campus.

Some of our archives of this BPR Rider

When doing Coimbtore-Sivakasi as Bypass Rider from Ondipudur-2 Depot
TN 38 N 2380

After Transferred to Ooty-1 Depot doing Weekend Specials for Coimbatore
TN 38 N 2380 F 30-05-2015

Now with Ondipudur-3 depot and ready to downgraded to City Bus
TN 38 N 2380 Ondipudur-3 Depot Spare Bus


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