Pollachi-Periyapodhu City Service

City Bus Service from Coimbatore Region

Pollachi having many TNSTC City bus services to various parts of it’s nearby surrounding Villages. One of the service to Periyapodhu Village connecting Anaimalai from Pollachi

TN 38 N 1438 Coimbatore Region Pollachi-1 Depot in Pollachi-Periyapodhu Route #23A Via Warehouse, Ambarampalayam, Anaimalai, Masani Amman Kovil, Chinnappam Palayam
TN 38 N 1438 Pollachi-1 Depot Pollachi-Periyapothu 23A


3 comments on “Pollachi-Periyapodhu City Service

    • Pollachi-1 (Coimbatore-Madurai Via Pollachi,Palani 1 Service), Pollachi-3 Depot Pollachi-Karur Via Dharapuram 1 Service, Pollachi-Salem by POY-1 Depot 3 Services, Pollachi-Gudalur by Pollachi-2 Depot 1 Service, Coimbatore-Cumbum 2 Services by Pollachi-2, Coimbatore-Pudukkottai 3 Services and Coimbatore-Aruppukottai/Devakottai 1 each services by Pollachi-1 Depot

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