TN 38 N 2928

Running in 1 to 1 Service between Coimbatore-Salem Route

TN 38 N 2928 Initially Introduced in Pollachi-Erode Route from Pollachi-3 Branch. After hit of 1 to 1 service in CBE-Salem route, this one was transferred to Uppilipalayam depot and now doing Coimbatore-Salem as 1 to 1 Service

TN 38 N 2928 when was with Pollachi-3 depot and doing Pollachi-Erode Route
TN_38_N_2928 12-11-13

Now, Coimbatore-Salem as 1 to 1 Non Stop Service from Uppilipalayam Depot
TN 38 N 2928 05-09-2015


3 comments on “TN 38 N 2928

  1. Maruthamalai branch Tn38 n2498 starts Cbe to Salem service from this month beginning.Yesterday I try to catch around 11am @ gandhipuram on the way to salem,not able to do.

    • Pollachi-2, Pollachi-3, Karumathampatti and now Maruthamalai. is there any other depot is there to operate CBE-Salem? all the uniqueness are gone nowadays

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