TNSTC 231B Thanjavur-Vellore

TNSTC-Kumbakonam Region Service Connecting Tiruvannamalai

TNSTC-Kumbakonam region having many services towards Banruti, Vadalur. Thanjavur-Vellore is also one among the service Connecting T.V.Malai

Registration : TN 68 N 0612
Region : Kumbakonam
Branch : Thanjavur Mofussil Depot
Route : Thanjavur-Vellore
Route No : 231B
Via : Kumbakonam, Banruti, Vadavlur, Tiruvannamalai
Type : Express

TN 68 N 0612 Thanjavur-Vellore 231B


3 comments on “TNSTC 231B Thanjavur-Vellore

  1. wrongly stickered it is to be kumbakonam – vadalur then Panruti……I think it takes madapattu thirukovilur from Panruti its is an early morning trip from TJ – vellore and retrn to TJ on early morning…

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