Coimbatore-Tirupattur New Service

Operated by TNSTC-Erode Region

TNSTC-Coimbatore Erode Region Operating many services Originating Coimbatore. Coimbatore-Salem and Coimbatore-Erode Route, Erode region is the leading operator. In the same way, Erode Region Introduced new bus service in Coimbatore-Tirupattur Route Via Salem

Registration : TN 33 N 2514
Region : Erode
Branch : Erode-3
Route : Coimbatore-Tirupattur
Via : Avinashi, Perundhurai, Sangiri, Salem, Morappur
Type : Express
Note : Bus doing Spare for Erode-Sivakiri #42 Schedule

TN 33 N 2514 Erode-3 Branch Coimbatore-Tirupattur


One comment on “Coimbatore-Tirupattur New Service

  1. Earlier may be Erode region leading in cbe-salem route, but now cbe region operates around 28 services in cbe Salem route.cbe -erode route always dominated by Erode region.

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