TN 45 N 1867 An Old “Hill Rider”

An Old Hill Rider was runned in Trichy region

TN 45 N 1867

TNSTC Kumbakonam Division-Trichy region-Thuraiyur branch,

Thuraiyur to Mayambadi route

The first two pictures were catched in thuraiyur bustand in year 2014 in mobile phone.

Next, three pictures were catched in kollidam checkpost near thiruvanaikovil, trichy

in year 2015 in camera. It is one of the luckiest click in my photography. Because,

one day it was special to thuraiyur to trichy. I had catched this hill rider

(last three pictures) at that day. This bus was scrapped at previous batch.

Front View:

Rear View:

Front View:

Front View-Another Click:

Rear View:


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