Coimbatore to Salem route by four different region’s.

Coimbatore to Salem is one of the greatest hit route by TNSTC-COIMBATORE.Also TNSTC-CBE operates 1 to 1 service which is a greatest hit.CBE to SLM is operated by four different region’s of TNSTC-COIMBATORE such as COIMBATORE REGION , TIRUPUR REGION , OOTY REGION , ERODE REGION.Here comes the operations by four different region’s.

TN 38 N 2916 of Coimbatore region’s Uppilipalayam branch.


TN 33 N 2191 of Tirupur region’s Dharapuram branch.


TN 33 N 2413 of Erode region’s Kavundhapadi branch.


TN 43 N 0618 of Ooty region’s Ooty-2 branch.



3 comments on “Coimbatore to Salem route by four different region’s.

  1. In TNSTC Salem, both Salem and Dharmapuri regions operate CBE – Salem route. I saw Bommidi depot operating in this route. Any other Dharmapuri region depots servicing in this route?

  2. Sungam1 N2974 is doing cbe- to Salem or special duty.I saw this oneday in ukkadam at 8.30 pm for pollachi and another day in gandhipuram for Salem.but stickers with cbe to sathy route.what is its status now pls share,if you know.

  3. Vijayakumar , TN 38 N 2974 does his regular duty in Route-Coimbatore to Pollachi and it weekdays or rushdays he may be changed to Coimbatore to Sathy (or) Coimbatore to Salem service.To say cleanly he is working as spare bus of Sungam-1 depot , but his route book is Coimbatore to Sathyamangalam.

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