TNSTC Sholurmattam-Thengumarahada Service

TNSTC-Ooty Region Unique Service

TNSTC-Ooty Region having two bus services to Thengumarahada one each from Coimbatore and Sholurmattam(Kotagiri). Only Village peoples in Thengumarahada are allowed inside of the Checkpost near Bhavani Sagar.

Ooty region operating unique hill station service between Sholurmattam-Thengumarahada Route connecting two hill station points in Nilgiri District. Sholurmattam and Thengumarahada are closely located behind of one each. But there is no direct road to reach the other end. so only way to take Kotagiri-Mettupalayam-Sirumugai route to reach the other point. This TNSTC service will run the same to connect this two hill stations

TN 38 N 1261 Ooty Region Kotagiri Depot in Sholurmattam-Thengumarahada Route Via Kotagiri, Aravenu, Kunjapanai, Mettupalayam, Sirumugai, Bhavanisagar
TN 38 N 1261 Kotagiri Depot Solurmattam-Thengumarahada


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