Mannargudi-Erode – Rajamannai Express

TNSTC-Nagapattinam Region Service

TNSTC-Nagai region Mannargudi Depot Service in Mannargudi-Erode Route “Rajamannai Express” decorated Well with Lights shot in Night at Trichy

Registration : TN 68 N 0624
Region : Nagapattinam
Branch : Mannargudi
Route : Mannargudi-Erode
Via : Thanjavur, Vallam, Trichy, Kulithalai, Karur, Kodumudi
Type : Express
Tags : Rajamannai Express

TN 68 N 0624 Mannargudi Depot Mannargudi-Erode


One comment on “Mannargudi-Erode – Rajamannai Express

  1. For the Kilometer shortage This mannai-Erode has been running for the mannai-Tanjore cut Trip every day. Instead of that if they will operate to Thiruthuraipoondi , commuters will welcome and very useful

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