Coimbatore-Trichy by Annur Depot

Surprise Package from Coimbatore Region

After opening of New Depot at Annur for Coimbatore region, Many of the cash collecting services are transferred to Annur Depot from Mettupalayam-2 and Sungam-1 Depot Mofussil Bus Services. Mettupalayam-Trichy, Coimbatore-Sathy, Coimbatore-Poolavadi etc..,

For the big surprise, Annur Depot now handled Coimbatore-Trichy Regular Service. this is total surprise from Annur

TN 38 N 2507 Annur Depot in Coimbatore-Trichy Route Via Palladam, Kangeyam, Karur, Kulithalai
TN 38 N 2507 Annur Depot Coimbatore-Trichy


2 comments on “Coimbatore-Trichy by Annur Depot

  1. Very good move by annur branch.But route stickers has to be neat in front, very worst writing.
    Also if they start mtp to Salem service via annur(already SLM rgn running) is very useful for commuters and annur branch also.

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