Brand New SETC Buses Inaugural Pics

SETC New Buses coverage from Chennai

CNB C 400 Chennai Depot in Chennai-Ooty Route #468UD Via Villupuram, Salem, Mettupalayam

TN 01 AN 0967 NGL C 0273 Nagercoil Depot in Nagercoil-Chennai Route
TN 01 AN 0967

TN 01 AN 1035 Salem Depot in Karur-Trivandrum Route #796UD
TN 01 AN 1035

TN 01 AN 1048 CNC C 422 Chennai Depot in Chennai-Bengaluru Route #831UD
TN 01 AN 1048

TN 01 AN 1068 SHN C 360 Shencottai Depot in Shencottai-Ernakulam Route #730UD
TN 01 AN 1068

TN 01 AN 1094 Marthandam Depot in Marthandam-Ooty Route
TN 01 AN 1094

CNC C 266 Chennai depot in Chennai-Changanaserry Route
TN 01 AN Chennai-Changanaserry

Coverage : Godwin Kingston


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