Nagercoil-Chennai UD Service from TNSTC

Ultra Deluxe Service from Nagercoil Region

Bold move done by TNSTC-Nagercoil region. Express service in this Nagercoil-Chennai route was upgraded to Ultra deluxe and one more additional service also introduced by Nagercoil region. Transferred ultra deluxe buses from SETC are putted up in this route.

Nagercoil-Chennai express is became famous in shot period of time after SETC 300+ Rule implementing. Now, UD service in this route became huge hit

17.10 (05.10PM), 18.10 (06.10PM)

TN 01 AN 0597 of Ranithottam-1 depot (Ex. Nagercoil-Bengaluru) now doing Nagercoil-Chennai Ultra deluxe service
TN 01 AN 0597

TN 01 AN 0597 Rear

TN 01 AN 0604 of Ranithottam-2 Depot (Ex. Trivandrum-Bengaluru) in Nagercoil-Chennai Ultra Deluxe Service
TN 01 AN 0604

TN 01 AN 0604 Rear


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