Transferred Buses to Nagercoil Region

TNSTC Nagercoil Region Buses from Various Corporation

Recently TNSTC Nagercoil region received 100 Buses from Various corporations inside TN. all the buses are 2 years old ones and replaced the 11+ years old buses in Nagercoil. we are try to collect the transferred buses. few of the buses are below clicked by Syed Riyaz

TN 30 N 1224 transferred bus from Salem region now doing Thuckalay-Peruunjani-Perunjani Route #13D
TN 30 N 1224

TN 30 N 1224 Rear

TN 30 N 1228 Transferred bus from TNSTC-Salem now doing Nagercoil-Madurai BPR
TN 30 N 1228

TN 32 N 3872 Transferred bus from TNSTC-Villupuram now doing Nagercoil-Madampillai Tharmam Route
TN 32 N 3872


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