TN 74 N 1648, A Long chase came end. A mysterious bus indeed

TN 74 N 1648, A RT-3 branch bus of Nagercoil Region. Its a mysterious bus to us. One thing makes this bus as special which is, this is first bus to paint in green livery (current one) in TNSTC Nagercoil. Till the day this batch flagged off, we haven’t seen this particular bus for more than 2 years, we searched and searched but got nothing, we checked all the time slot in Vadaserry Bus stand, but still got nothing.

Finally, we decided it could be transferred to North part of Tamil Nadu. An inquiry to RTi also decided to gather information about this bus. Where it was running? Whether it is running? The answer was unknown. But, “it proved everyone as blind”. One day, when i was waiting in Traffic block in Collatrate, i just saw this bus in front of me. I Shocked!

Whether it is dream? i couldn’t realize. Anyway i confirmed TN 74 N 1648 exist, i informed to Mr.Sahadevan Vijayakumar regarding its sudden appearance and its route detail. He was happy and we decided to get it in our lens. But, the second of the story started, all the effort to get the picture of this bus was failed.

But, as soon as it came in Mr.Sahadevan Vijakumar’s lens, i got in my lens too. It was a historical chase indeed.

Region: Nagercoil
Branch: Ranithottam-3
Route: Nagercoil-Dindugal
Type : Bye pass rider
TN 74 N 1648 Oct 2015


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