An elusive route from Erode region.

TN 33 N 2901 belongs to Erode region’s Bhavani branch.A TATA MOTORS LIMITED bus.This route is one of the elusive route run by Erode region.Body built by Erode region’s Pallipalayam Body Building Unit.

Registration Number:-TN 33 N 2901.
Body built by:-Pallipalayam Body Building Unit(Erode region).
Starting time from Coimbatore (Gandhipuram bus stand) to Sennampatti:-01:35 PM.

Front view.

TN 33 N 2901.FRONT

Rear view.

TN 33 N 2901 BACK


2 comments on “An elusive route from Erode region.

  1. Dear friends, Its not possible to reach Chennampatti via Erode from Gandhipuram by 01:35 Hrs. Even the ERO 100 bus also taken around 100 Minuts. Please check it whether it is depart. time or the travelling duration?

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