Pollachi-Kadamparai Dam Hill Rider

TNSTC-CBE Hill Rider Service from Pollachi

TNSTC-Coimbatore region having Hill rider services to Valparai from Pollachi. apart from Valparai route, Navamalai, Topslip and Kadamparai services also operated by Coimbatore region.

Kadamparai Dam is vary next to Attagatti that is placed in 20th Hairbin bend on Pollachi-Valparai Route. Kadamparai Dam is a significant spot to visit but you need to get permission to enter the Kadamparai dam. Special permission must be sought to visit this place. Hydro Electric plant at Kadamparai between Pollachi and Valparai is most worth seeing. Many wild species are found frequently in this region. Its specialty lies in the fact that it is carved out within a single rock, which gives an astonishing view.

The 20th hairpin bend that head to Kadamparai Dam. The dam was within a distance of 15/20km, and the road lead between teak forest and Tiger valley. The very special about this was the recycling process. Throughout day the water from Kadamparai dam is open to generate electricity and throughout night, half the current stored are spend to recycle the water from Upper Aliyar to Kadamparai dam.

Bus services are available to Kadamparai dam from Pollachi in particular timing intervals. TNSTC Pollachi-2 depot operating bus service from Pollachi to Kadamparai dam

Pollachi to Kadamparai dam Bus Timings : 05.45AM, 09.00AM, 11.45AM, 02.30PM, 08.00PM

TN 43 N 0493 CBE’s Pollachi-2 Depot running in Pollachi-Kadamparai Dam Route Via Kottur, Aliyar, Attakatti
TN 43 N 0493 Pollachi-2 depot Pollachi-Kadambarai

TN 43 N 0493 Pollachi-2 depot Pollachi-Kadambarai Rear


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