Kumbakonam City Buses

Archived Pics from My last Kumbakonam Trip

TNSTC-Kumbakonam region city buses running in Kumbakonam town. Kumbakonam region having seperate two depots for City buses operations from Kumbakonam to Various Villages surrounded nearby Kumbakonam. Pics are almost an year old ones taken during my last Kumbakonam visit

TN 45 N 1852 Kumbakonam Town-1 Depot Kumbakonam-Thiruvaikavur Route

TN 45 N 1918 Kumbakonam Town-1 Depot Kumbakonam-Kudithangi Route

TN 49 N 1512 Kumbakonam Town-2 Depot Kumbakonam-Komal Route

TN 49 N 1578 Kumbakonam Town-1 Depot Swamimalai-Aatudhurai Route

TN 49 N 1579 Kumbakonam Town-1 Depot Kumbakonam-Suriyanar Kovil Route

TN 49 N 1677 Kumbakonam Town-2 Depot Kumbakonam-Konulampallam Route

TN 49 N 1680 Kumbakonam Town-1 Depot Kumbakonam-Ammapettai Route

TN 49 N 1774 Kumbakonam Town-2 Depot Kumbakonam-Senkalipuram Route

TN 49 N 1795 Kumbakonam Town-2 Depot

TN 68 N 0041 Kumbakonam Town-2 Kumbakonam-Kuthalam Route

TN 68 N 0196 Kumbakonam Town-1 Kumbakonam-Anaikarai Route

TN 68 N 0209 Kumbakonam Town-1 Kumbakonam-Manganallur Route

TN 68 N 0214 Kumbakonam Town-1 Kumbakonam-Govindhagudi Route

TN 68 N 0235 Kumbakonam Town-1 Kumbakonam-Udayalur Route

TN 68 N 0236 Kumbakonam Town-1 Kumbakonam-Thiruvaikavur Route


One comment on “Kumbakonam City Buses

  1. TN 49 N 1795 A22A Kumbakonam to Vadamattam route!
    Thankyou very much for taken my home town road heroes!

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