This Warrior Ready to Serve on Hills

Another Set of Buses Transferred to Nilgiris

Road condition in Gudalur hills are very pathetic and buses running in this areas are damaged all the times. In the past few years, 7 to 8 year old buses are transferred to here from Plains. So gudalur depot facing duff task to handle this oldies to Operate in Deep bends and narrow roads. After New GM back to Power, 4 to 5 Year old buses are transferred to Gudalur depot and Very old ones from there are transferred to Coimbatore/Mettupalayam for Local Operations
Neat Management done by New GM. Kudos to Him.. TN 38 N 1264, TN 38 N 1269, TN 43 N 0397 are transferred to Plains from Gudalur depot. for the Compensation they received TN 38 N 2513, TN 38 N 2547 yet to note the another service. will trap that very soon

TN 38 N 2547 Erstwhile Karumathampatti depot beauty now with Gudalur Depot doing Gudalur-Erode Schedule


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