TNSTC Porayar Body Building Unit

TNSTC-Kumbakonam Division Body Building Unit

Tharangambadi/Porayar is a panchayat town in the Nagapattinam district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It lies 15 kilometers north of Karaikal, near the mouth of a distributary of the Kaveri River. Tharangambadi is the headquarters of Tharangambadi taluk while its name means “place of the singing waves”.

Cholan Roadways Corporation (CRC) present Kumbakonam/Nagai Region having a Depot and Body building Unit @ Porayar. early this unit and depot was under controlled by Kumbakonam region. After formation of Nagapattinam as a region, Porayar Depot and body building unit was now under control by Nagai region.

Last batch of new buses construction are going on in all the TNSTC body building units as well as Private Coaches in Karur. Porayar unit also busy in build new buses. Few chassis and half backed buses are parked inside of Porayar body building unit




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