Exclusive engineering style by CEC.

New buses have started arriving to Coimbatore city.All the new bus photos have been taken.All are taken in a restricted area.So it cannot be posted here.But eventhough here is 3 photos taken in a different background.Here comes the three new built town buses by CEC ( CHERAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION ).Exclusive style by CEC.Still our TNSTC-COIMBATORE’s body building unit ( CEC ) maintains its charm.Hats off to CEC.

Route # S2-ESI to Senyakovundanpudur of Coimbatore regions Sungam-2 branch.


Route # 32A-Railway Station to Press Colony of Coimbatore region’s Head Office branch.


Route # 90A-Ukkadam to Somanur of Coimbatore region’s Ukkadam-2 branch branch.


One more information the last two town buses delivered to Coimbatore region’s Karumathampatti branch have got seats of SLF type.Route delivered to Karumathampatti branch is:-

Route # 20A-Gandhipuram to Somanur.
Route # 90A-Ukkadam to Somanur.


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