Bhavani Bus Stand Timings

TNSTC-CBE Bus Timings at Bhavani Bus Stand

Bhavani is a second grade Municipality in Erode district, Tamil Nadu.
Sangameswarar Temple in Bhavani – the most prominent landmark.

Bhavani is well connected with City buses to almost all parts of the district of Erode. Bhavani has two bus stations. They are mentioned as Old and New bus stands. The old bus station is located on the banks of Bhavani river at the southern end of the town. The new bus station is located on the banks of Kaveri river at the northern end of the town.

Currently the new bus station is active. During festive seasons, when the main roads are closed connecting Old & New bus stands, the Old bus stand acts as the main bus stand for the buses coming from south i.e. from Gobichettipalayam, Salem, Erode, Coimbatore; similarly the New bus stand would cover buses from north – Anthiyur, Sathyamangalam, Mettur, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri and Bengaluru. A horse-cart stand and an auto stand are now operating in old bus stand. They are helpful for the travelers and the devotees who come to visit the temple.

Buses are available to Coimbatore, Tirupur and Salem for 24 hrs at Bhavani Lakshmi Nagar Bypass.

Bus Timings at Bhavani Bus Stand

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Bhavani Timings


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