TN 68 N 0716-311A Express

One of the Well Decoration Bus in TNSTC Kumbakonam

Registration Number: TN 68 N 0716

Division: Kumbakonam

Region: Kumbakonam

Branch: Kumbakonam Moffusil

Route No: 311A

From: Kumbakonam

To: Madurai

Via: Thanjavur, pudukkottai, melur

Service Type: Express

This bus  have Well Decorated Stickering Works. Name Kumbakonam have Kumbakonam

“Mahamaham Water Tank” stickering and name Madurai have “Madurai Meenakshi Amman

Temple”  stickering. This bus was allotted to TNSTC Kumbakonam for June-2015 batch!

68 0716



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