Road Safety week.

From 10.01.2016 to 19.01.2016 it was Road Safety week.In accordance of this week our TNSTC-Coimbatore conducted many drama’s..etc.During the whole week celebration of this campaign, variety of educational banners, safety posters, safety films, pocket guides and leaflets related to the road safety are distributed to the on road travelers. They get motivated about the road safety while travelling on road means having planned, well-organized and professional way traveling. People who travel in unprofessional way are requested to use road safety measures and follow traffic rules by giving them roses.

How the Road Safety Week is celebrated:-

Road safety week is celebrated by performing the following activities:

*Road safety leaflets including roses, chocolates and flowers are distributed to the travelers on the road.
*Commuters are also explained about the methods and necessities of the road safety means they must understand the use of helmets or seat belts while driving on the road or anywhere.
*Various painting and drawing competitions, road safety announcements, exhibitions, road rules test, girls scooter rally to encourage the use of helmets, debates on road safety at the All India Radio, workshops, seminar and etc activities are organized.
*Free medical check up camps and driving training workshops are organized for the drivers to encourage them towards the road safety.
*Road safety quiz competitions are also organized to promote people about road safety.
*Traffic safety games including card games, puzzles, board games and etc are organized to educate school children about road safety.

Here is some pictures of the dramas conducted by TNSTC-Coimbatore in Ukkadam Bus Stand.

tml 4557 . .. .

43 n 0389 . .. .

1403 . . . . ..

1403 . . ..  .

1403 . . ..

1403.. . . .

tcb 1415 . .. . .

tmn 3709 . . ..

Drama’s in TML 4557-Head Office Branch

tml 4557. . .


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