CTC – Cheran Transport Corporation Bus Design

Recall Old Memories of CTC Buses

CTC Cheran Transport Corporation Bus Design which was in service in late 90’s. This designs mainly used for TN 37 N 06XX Serials. And Buses mostly deployed in Coimbatore-Madurai, Pollachi-Erode, Udumalai-Mettupalayam, Coimbatore-Erode Routes etc.., Bharathiar Transport Corporation also received some buses in this design

Dual Windshield, Route board at Top, Cheran Logo and Cheran Font Design, Neat and Simple Painting works, Solid Grill, Beautiful Sticker works, Cheran Name badge in front etc… are trademark of Pollachi Cheran Body building unit.

we have got this design as a picture, but due to some personal reasons, we are unable to post that Pics directly here. So I decided to draw this design through Photoshop and update here for Public to know how Cheran Buses looks in the 90’s.

For a challenge, I did this work without using of Brush tool etc.., will do some more designs in upcoming weeks.

We are in progress to create some more designs and update here once the works are finished. Keep Watching Dudes…

TN 37 N 0673 CTC Cheran Transport Corporation bus design


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