TNSTC-Coimbatore Tirupur-Valupooramman Kovil

City Bus Service to Famous Temple inside Tirupur

The Temple of Lord Muruga named as Muthukumara Baladhadayuthapani here in Alagumalai, is the famous and ancient temple situated in the Kongu Region.

Lord Anjaneya, who normally prayed by Vaishvavas, situated in this Temple of Saiva’s is one of the special of this temple.

Arupadai Temples also constructed here by Annur Dharmaveera Sri.Kovindasamy Naidu (Founder of KG Groups, Coimbatore), who was one of the devotee of Alagumalai murugan.

The region of Alagumalai is called as Vanavanchery which means the place of Devas. Another famous temples near by are Arulmiku Prahan Nayaki Kailasha Nathar Thirukoil, which is the one established by Pandiyas and the famous Valupooramman Temple which just 3kms from Alagumalai.

City Buses are available to Alagumalai and Valupooramman Temple from Tirupur Old Bus Stand. Frequency also good in number having buses every half an hour.

City Bus Number : 3 (Tirupur-Valupooramman Kovil)

TN 38 N 1469 Tirupur-1 Depot running in Tirupur-Valupooramman Kovil Route #3/15E Via Government Hospital, Perichipalayam, Chettipalayam, Kovil Vazhi, Peruntholuvu, Alagumalai


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