Thiruthuraipoondi-Vettaikaranirupu Service

Registration Number: TN 49 N 1760

Division: Kumbakonam

Region: Nagapattinam

Branch: (Unknown)

Route No: 478Z

From: Thiruthuraipoondi

To: Vettaikaranirupu

Via: Pamani, aaymur, vaduvur

49 1760


4 comments on “Thiruthuraipoondi-Vettaikaranirupu Service

  1. This 478Z is the newly created route. Which is connecting Thiruthuraipoondi and Thalainayar via vadugoor, Aaymoor, kadanthethi ayyanar koil. This bus is very very helpful to students , farmers, commuters to reach ECR and Hospitals in Thiruthuraipoondi, nagapattinam.

  2. Exclusively Thiruthuraipoondi branch.. Only this branch has more services to Thalainayar Via Alangudi, Via Ettukudi, Via Umbalachery .

  3. And Thalainayar has good connectivity with Thiruthuraipoondi, Nagapattinam, Thiruvarur, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur, and Chennai. Thiruthuraipoondi Branch operating daily services to Pushback 2×2 seater Chennai Shuttle. And ticket booking also available @ Thalainayr Busstand.

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