Coimbatore Region New Long Runners

Taking rest for a Ride

Brand New Buses for Long Distance Operations are Parked inside of Ondipudhur-3 Depot Complex

TNSTC-Coimbatore Region New buses are parked inside of Respective depots for inaugural ceremony. Long Distance services from Coimbatore are getting new bus this time. South Bound long Distance services from Uppilipalayam and Mettupalayam-1, Ondipudhur-2 Depot are getting new buses.

to be the surprise Coimbatore-Tirunelveli, Coimbatore-Tiruchendur, Coimbatore-Chidambaram and Coimbatore-Rameswaram Totally 8 Buses are parked inside Ondipudhur-3 Depot. need to check whether this services are going to transferred to OPR-3 or due to shortage of Space in Uppilipalayam this buses are standing in Ondipudhur-3

Brand new buses @ OPR-3 Depot

From Left to Right
1. TN 38 N 3039 – Coimbatore-Rameswaram
2. TN 38 N 3048 – Coimbatore-Chidambaram
3. TN 38 N 3043 – Coimbatore-Rameswaram
4. TN 38 N 3053 – Coimbatore-Tirunelveli
CBE Newbie @OPR-3

From Left to Right
1. TN 38 N 3049 – Coimbatore-Tirunelveli
2. TN 38 N 3040 – Coimbatore-Tiruchendur
3. TN 38 N 3051 – Coimbatore-Chidambaram
4. TN 38 N 3047 – Coimbatore-Tiruchendur
CBE Newbie @OPR-3 1


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