Small Buses of TNSTC-Coimbatore Ooty Region

62 New Small Buses – Full Coverage

TNSTC-Coimbatore Ooty region received 62 new Small buses in the previous last two inaugurations as 18-06-2015 (44 Buses), 12-10-2015 (18 Buses) respectively at the total number of 62 Buses fund by Hill Area Development Program (HADP). This new buses are replaced the Old Buses which running in the existing Routes. TN 43 N 03xx and TN 43 N 04xx serial hill riders are scrapped and very few are transferred to Valparai

These Small buses are build by CEC Pollachi Unit, Udumalpet CEC Unit and Erode region Pallipalayam Body Building Units. we team, started collecting this particular Small buses from Initial days itself. after 5 months, i got all the 62 buses as a person. Really happy to present here to know how Nilgiri district estate and hill stations are connected with near by towns.

Collecting Hill Station Services is a tough job because these we try to visit this Particular town and spend some valuable minutes in hours. Thanks to Rajkumar Arumugam, Soorya Dass, Prasanna and Harishwar for your support in tracking this services.

Out of 62, CEC Pollachi Unit build 34 Small buses, 20 Small buses are build by Erode Pallipalayam unit and remaining 8 Small buses are build by Udumalpet Unit.

Coonoor Depot received 12 Small buses, 10 Small buses for Gudalur Depot, 14 Small buses for Kotagiri depot, 3 Small buses for Mettupalayam-2 Depot and remaining 23 Small buses are given to Ooty-1 and Ooty-2 Depots.

TN 43 N 0672 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Eakuni Route

TN 43 N 0673 Coonoor Depot running in Mettupalayam-Kanneri Manthanai Route

TN 43 N 0675 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Eppanadu Route

TN 43 N 0676 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Kookalthorai Route

TN 43 N 0677 Gudalur Depot running in Ooty-Kariyasolai Route

TN 43 N 0679 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Upper Bhavani Route

TN 43 N 0680 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Siriyur Route

TN 43 N 0681 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Kilkundah Route

TN 43 N 0682 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Kakkuchi Route

TN 43 N 0684 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Denad/Solurmattam Route

TN 43 N 0685 Mettupalayam-2 Depot running in Coimbatore-Kilkundah Route

TN 43 N 0686 Coonoor Depot running in Kappachi-Mettupalayam Route

TN 43 N 0687 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Thorayatti Route

TN 43 N 0688 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Moyar Route

TN 43 N 0689 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Periyasolai Route

TN 43 N 0690 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Moyar Route

TN 43 N 0691 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Ellamalai/Periyasolai Route

TN 43 N 0693 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Kottakkal Route

TN 43 N 0694 Mettupalayam-2 Depot running in Mettupalayam-Mulligur Route

TN 43 N 0695 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Gudalur Route

TN 43 N 0696 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Kilkundah Route

TN 43 N 0697 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Sundatty Route

TN 43 N 0698 Mettupalayam-2 Depot running in Palamalai-Ooty Route

TN 43 N 0699 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-3 Division/ Athikunnu/ Uppatty Route

TN 43 N 0700 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Hiriyasigai Route

TN 43 N 0702 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Kilkundah-Coimbatore Route

TN 43 N 0703 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Pokkapuram Route

TN 43 N 0704 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Kengamudi Route

TN 43 N 0705 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Palmara Lease/ Thuthurmattam/ Mooperkadu Route

TN 43 N 0706 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Kilkundah-Coimbatore Route

TN 43 N 0707 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Mulligur Route

TN 43 N 0708 Kotagiri Depot running in Kappachi-Mettupalayam Route

TN 43 N 0709 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Glenvans Route

TN 43 N 0711 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Kunthaladi Route

TN 43 N 0712 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Teras Estate Route

TN 43 N 0713 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Karapillu Route

TN 43 N 0714 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Manjur Route

TN 43 N 0715 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Hiriyasigai Route

TN 43 N 0716 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Solurmattam Route

TN 43 N 0717 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Kesalada Route

TN 43 N 0718 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Masinagudi Route

TN 43 N 0720 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Billurmattam Route

TN 43 N 0721 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Melkundah Route

TN 43 N 0722 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Gudalur Route

TN 43 N 0723 Gudalur Depot running in Gudalur-Gudalur Route

TN 43 N 0724 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Kengarai Route

TN 43 N 0725 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Mettupalayam Route

TN 43 N 0726 Kotagiri Depot

TN 43 N 0727 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Thappacombai Route

TN 43 N 0729 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Kappatti Route

TN 43 N 0730 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Thuneri Route

TN 43 N 0731 Coonoor Depot running in Coimbatore-Coonoor-Mulligur Route

TN 43 N 0732 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Athiharatty Route

TN 43 N 0733 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Peratty Route

TN 43 N 0734 Coonoor Depot running in Coonoor-Adarly Route

TN 43 N 0735 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Kinnakorai Route

TN 43 N 0736 Ooty-2 Depot

TN 43 N 0738 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Nanjanadu Route

TN 43 N 0739 Kotagiri Depot running in Kotagiri-Masakkal Route

TN 43 N 0740 Gudalur Depot

TN 43 N 0741 Ooty-2 Depot running in Ooty-Mullimalai Route

TN 43 N 0742 Ooty-1 Depot running in Ooty-Pembatti Route


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