Happy 44th Birthday to CTC

Wishes from Team, Brindhaavanam Blog

Cheran Transport Corporation (CTC) was established in 17-February-1972 with 109 Tata Buses and Pollachi as a Head Quarters. Later HO Moved to Pollachi, And Body building, Learner, Recondition Units are kept in Pollachi. Cheran Transport Buses covers Coimbatore, Nilgiri and Erode districts. Later CTC was split upto Jeeva Transport Corporation in Erode district, Bharathiar Transport Corporation in Nilgiri District. But, Bharathiar is short lived one, later merged again with CTC

Cheran Transport Corporation is now TNSTC-Coimbatore region and having 17 Depots and 1299 Buses in it’s Fleet. An Small database from Our Collections…

Head Quarters
Managing Director,
37, Mettupalayam Road,

Body Building Unit : Pollachi
Recondition Units : Pollachi and Mettupalayam
Tyre RC Unit : Mettupalayam
Scrap Unit : Mettupalayam
Driver Training Institute : Pollachi

1. Head Office Depot
2. Uppilipalayam
3. Maruthamalai
4. Karumathampatti
5. Annur
6. Valparai
7. Pollachi-1
8. Pollachi-2
9. Pollachi-3

Largest Depot in Fleet : Sungam-2 (109 Buses)
Smallest Depot in Fleet : Ondipudhur-3 (29 Buses)

Mofussil Services : 347
Town Services : 810 (Inclusive of 300 SLF Buses)
Ghat Services : 40
Spare Buses : 92

Least Regn Bus on service till date (17-02-2016) TN 38 N 0991
Last Regn Bus on Service till date (17-02-2016) TN 38 N 3088

Proud to Present this small DP for our beloved Cheran Transport Corporation. We really missed CTC nowadays.



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