Tirupur-Guruvayur New Bus from Pollachi-2 Depot

TNSTC-Coimbatore region new bus

One more TNSTC-CBE New bus in Inter State Tirupur-Guruvayur Route Via Pollachi. First time spotting ATAL Coach build bus in TNSTC. This one replaced TN 38 N 2459 and Only new bus to Pollachi-2 Depot. hope, It’s pair also getting new bus

TN 38 N 3090 ATAL Coach Build bus from Pollachi-2 Depot in Tirupur-Guruvayur Route Via Pollachi, Govindhapuram, Trissur
TN 38 N 3090

TN 38 N 3090 F

TN 38 N 3090 Rear


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