Ooty Region’s Next Movement

Get Back Nilgiri Service from Tirupur region

Tirupur-1 Depot from Tirupur Region having two services to Nilgiri. One to Ooty and another one to Gudalur from Tirupur. Recently Tirupur-Ooty Blue Mountain Express Service taken over by Ooty region and attached to Mettupalayam-2 Depot. Need to check the Remaining Tirupur-Gudalur Service. Now Tirupur-Ooty service full of under controlled by Ooty region TN 39 N 0127 Mettupalayam-2 Depot in Tirupur-Ooty Route Via Avinashi, Annur, Mettupalayam, Coonoor

TN 39 N 0127 MTP-2

Previously with Tirupur region Tirupur-1 DepotTN 39 N 0127 Tirupur-1 Depot Tirupur-Ooty Blue Hills Express


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