Brand New Super Deluxe Buses from Dindigul Region

Good Innovative by TNSTC-Madurai

TNSTC-Madurai Dindigul region introduced 7 New Super Deluxe Buses in 08-February-2016 Inaugural. Early Dindigul region having SD’s in TN 57 N 20xx later transferred to SETC because of 300+kms rule. After that, Now Dindigul region back to Super deluxe buses. Palani-Villupuram and Palani-Neylvei TS are the routes spotted as of now. we will update the remainings in upcoming days. Vathalagundu Body Building unit done a good job in Super deluxe coaches.

TN 57 N 2351 Dindigul-2 Depot in Palani-Villupuram Route #277 Via Dindigul, Trichy




TN 57 N 2352 Dindigul-2 Depot in Palani-Neylveli TS Route #278 Via Dindigul, Trichy




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