Singampurani – Connected by Five Region Town Buses

Unique Town in Tamilnadu having 5 Different region Bus Connectivity

Based on It’s Location, Singampunari Town having bus connectivity by Five Different regions, and Two Division corporation buses. Karaikudi and Pudukottai, Trichy region’s from TNSTC-Kumbakonam having services to Singampunari. From TNSTC-Madurai, Dindigul and Madurai region having services to Singampunari. it is the only town in Tamilnadu connected by Five different region services. TNSTC-Kumbakonam

TN 01 N 3963 Pudukkottai region Ponnamaravathy Depot in Ponnamaravathy-Singampunari Route #10

TN 01 N 3963

TN 45 N 2779 Trichy Region Thuvarankurichi Depot in Thuvarankurichi-Singampunari Route #6 Via Pulithipatti, Kottampatty

TN 45 N 2779

TN 63 N 1127 Karaikudi Region Tirupattur Depot in Tirupattur-Singampunari Rotue #3A Via Maruthipatty

TN 63 N 1127


TN 57 N 1219 Dindigul region Natham Depot in Natham-Singampunari Route Via Kottampatty

TN 57 N 1219

TN 58 N 0621 Madurai Region Melur Depot in Melur-Singampunari Route #M13A

TN 58 N 0621


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