Coimbatore-Chennai SETC A/C Review

Brand New A/C Bus from SETC

As on 01-03-2016, SETC Received 12 Brand New A/C Buses. Coimbatore-Chennai got 2 Buses for One Service. Buses are attached to Coimbatore Depot. We are waiting for Review from Public regarding A/C Service. atlast getting good review from Public using A/C Service Our Friend Pradeep from Coimbatore, He Travelled yesterday in A/C Service from Coimbatore-Chennai Route. Some more updates from His Travel Experience in new SETC AC Bus

** Bus Started from Coimbatore at 21.00 with Full pax

** LCD TV Facility

** Neat Interiors

** Coimbatore-Chennai SETC A/C Bus Fare 460

** Decent Speed maintain Steady 80+

** 90 Is the maximum in journey

** Reached CMBT at 07.00 Sharp 10Hrs Travelling Time


After long time, SETC Achieved 10 Hrs timing in Coimbatore-Chennai Route. Nowadays, SETC Started getting good response from Public. and maintain good speed also. Hope This SETC AC Service also became huge succesful Product from SETC.

Thanks to Coimbatore Pradeep For his Updates and Pictures

Coimbatore-Chennai SETC A/C Bus Timings : 21.00 at Both Ends

TN 01 AN 1408 (CBE C 435) Coimbatore Depot in Coimbatore-Chennai Route #460AC



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