TN 45 N 1843 Least Surving City Bus

Old Aged City Buses running in Kumbakonam

TN 45 N 1843 is the Least serving Bus for public in TN 45 N Serial. This one is Running in Trichy Dheeran Nagar Depot in Trichy Chatram Bus Stand – HAPP Route. During 2013, This one was Transferred to Kumbakonam region. Dated as on 08-03-2016, This is the least surviving bus in TN 45 N. Soon this one also taken of from Roads. TN 45 N 1843 Kumbakonam Nagar-1 Depot in Kumbakonam-Haridhuvaramangalam #A21 Route Via Womens College, Korkai, Valangaiman, Chandrasekarapuram

TN 45 N 1843


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