TNSTC-VPM 279 Arani-Tambaram

TNSTC-Tiruvannamalai Region Service

TNSTC-Villupuram Tiruvannamalai Region Service in Arani-Tambaram Route #279. TN 32 N 3057 Currently running in this route. Small update for TN 32 N 3057

This bus inaugurated during December 2007-Jan 2008 timeframe. Initially, it was put in the service for the Arani – Chennai route, Route no. 202, at a peak time 5.20 am from Arani.(always start the trip with fully loaded). Till, mid of 2012 he was doing the service in that route. After, arrival of new buses he was pulled out from the 5.20 am time slot and served as a spare bus. During, 2013, this bus has been deployed in Route no 279, Arani – Tambaram and still continuing his service on the same route.

Arani to Tambaram Bus Timings

4.00 am
5.50 am
9.10 am
9.40 am
1.00 pm
3.00 pm
5.20 pm
5.40 pm
Tambaram to Arani Bus Timings
5.10 am
8.25 am
10.40 am
13.20 pm
17.30 pm
19.30 pm
21.15 pm (up to Cheyyar, as this bus belongs to Cheyyar Depot)

TN 32 N 3057 Cheyyar Depot in Arani-Tambaram Route Via Kanchipuram


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